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Thread: Current exhibits at George Eastman House

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    This past weekend I had a chance to see the dauguerrotype exhibit at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.

    I went primarily because I thought the exhibit would be interesting in that 'historical process' sense. Boy, was I wrong.

    This exhibit is incredible. The two photographers, Southworth and Hawes, did dauguerrotype portraits of prominent folks, which were interesting for their historical value. Just seeing so many dauguerrotypes all in one place was a treat. The detail, the tonality - wow.

    Best of all, the images - they're wonderful. Quotidian family photos, as well as brooding portraits of the high and mighty.

    And one, wonderful little image of the roof line of buildings silhouetted against a beautiful array of clouds. The tonality in the clouds is breathtaking. My daughter and I stood there, entranced, for quite a while. We discussed whether we would get caught if we stole it. We left it there, but it's been a long, long time since I've coveted a photograph the way I covet that little dauguerrotype of clouds.

    And then, on the way out, we visited the front exhibit area. And what should be there, but a wonderful exhibit of Nicholas Nixon prints - some of his early work, which I hadn't seen, and also a complete collection of the Brown Sisters prints - all of them, from 1975 to 2005. That's just an incredible project, and the prints are worth the trip to Rochester just to see them alone.

    But the one-two lineup - the dauguerrotypes and the Nixon prints - well, you've got to go. You just have to stop whatever the heck you're doing now, and make plans to go see this stuff.

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    I saw the Southworth and Hawes exhibit when it was at the ICP in NYC and second Paul's recommendation. Southworth and Hawes were probably the masters of the dauguerotype, with both artistic and technical excellence. The exhibit has an exceptional number of large (whole-plate) dauguerrotypes.

    This exhibit was previous mentioned here, based on a NY Times review:
    (That article also said that the exhibit would appear in Andover, MA.)

    There will also be a complete set of photos of the Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon on exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington, DC from November 13 to 2006 February 20th.

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    I'll be in D.C. around Thanksgiving and could easily visit the National Gallery. I guess I should know but I don't - what is the Brown sisters project?
    Brian Ellis
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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    Brian, it's an ongoing series of yearly snapshots of his wife and her sisters.

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    I'm in Rochester and will vouce that this is the finest two exhibits the GEH has had at the same time. They beat the usual crap. And why didn't you call me Paul?

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    I didn't call because I'm a slouch. I was in Rochester from very late Thu nite until lunchtime Monday, and to be honest, during the brief intervals when I wasn't visiting with my daughter, or the myriad other relatives in the area, I was laying in bed feeling like crud because I'd contracted some nasty respiratory thing that I probably picked up on the flight from Seattle to Rochester.

    I did take a look at Adams Basin, actually, when my daughter wanted to go for a drive, and thought it looked pretty nice even in the rain.

    Next time I'll bring a camera and tripod, and give you a call. Honest.

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    Current exhibits at George Eastman House

    I'm at RIT, and took a trip to see the exhibit with my photo class (taught by Willie Osterman). It was quite an exhibit - supposedly the largest show of daguerrotypes. Very interesting to see, as well as some of the other stuff at the Eastman House.

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