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Thread: Q-T Cover Shot

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Went to the mailbox today, shuffled through the contents, and noticed a familiar looking photograph on the cover of "Going Places," the magazine of the American Automobile Association (AAA). Sure enough, it's one of Quang-Tuan Luong's Alaska shots. Also, others are included in a travel article on Alaska in the magazine, as well as a photo of Q-T himself posing with his LF camera. Good for you!

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Good for you QT!.....congrats!

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Speaking of that (and triggered by the title of this thread), I was wondering whether anyone would mind if QTL augmented the little "cover photo" on this website with a few more of his photos -- small ones, should he please for copyright reasons (and so the site doesn't become slow to load), but some inspiring examples of his work that would prompt newbies to this site both to plunge in and to visit his terragalleria website for more.

    Just a thought, but it seems this would both liven up the entry point to this site and give QTL's photos a little more much-deserved attention.

    Would anyone else like to see this?

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    WTG Q-TL!

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    A toast to Quang-Tuan Luong. Many more to you!

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Can someone post a link. I'm not sure I'm looking at the right sight.

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Congrats QT... way to go!

    Life in the fast lane!

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    congrats QT

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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Another congrats!


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    Q-T Cover Shot

    Congratulations, Tuan. Can't wait for my copy of the magazine to arrive.

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