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    I bought some used Lisco holders that appered to be in great shape. However, the light trap that the darkslide slides through appears to be loaded with dust. I have tried blowing the dust out by blowing from both directions through the seal . I still pick up loads of dust when the dark slide is pulled out or inserted. A ny tricks to recommend or is my used holder bargain really a boondoggle?

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    If these are the newer plastic holders, wash them well in warm water, using a brush to get into the groove. If these are older wooden holders, just use a dry brush, and work the grooves until they seem reasonably clean.

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    Please don't wash your holders. Go to a gas station and use their air hose to blow the light traps out. Don't blow the felt out, just use a harder pressure than you can blow. I use an air line in the industrial plant I work in and have the pressure adjusted to 20 psi. It is enough to get all the dust out without damaging the light trap. As soon as you are through blowing out the holders, put them in a plastic storage type bag to keep them from getting any dust on them. When you load, try to do it in a bathroom after you run the shower for a few minutes with the hot water turned on. This will knock all the dust out of the air. Works everytime. James

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    Get rid those holders and never buy a used holder again. No kidding! The few bucks you save will be spent in hours of spotting. Get new holders, clean them before you draw the dark slide, then again after you draw the dark slide, put them in quart size zip lock bags and never again take them out except for loading/unloading, taking photos, or for cleaning (at which time I change the Zip lock bag).

    NEVER, EVER draw the dark slide on a dusty holder. It takes years to completely get rid of the dust deposited in the light trap.

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    All my 8 X 10 and 5 X 7 holders were purchased used. I have spent as much as $30.00 and as little as $20.00 on the 8 X 10's. I think that $aving$ is $ubstantial and justified. However, I only purchase holders which I have examined myself - in person. To clean them I use canned air and a shop vac. I have only had 1 light leak attributable to a dark slide and no substantial dust problems. Loading in a humid environment as previously suggested and thorough cleaning in a seperate room, follwed with the use of appropriate sized zip-loc freezer bags should help substantially. Be consistant and contientious and learn how to use a spotting brush - sooner or later we all must, or pay a re-toucher.

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