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Thread: Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    If you do not stop with the personal attacks

    LOL...ah I see, you and the tech seem to be cut from the same cloth...let see, who is it that wrote this?

    Problem children tend to grow up to be problem adults unless they die first

    I guess I can claim SEXUAL harassment too huh? I guess we are even.

    As to the cropping ability, I do full frame, what I shoot is what I print and see no need to conform to your tastes and what you think is a properly cropped image. I prefer to crop when I take the picture, if there is an element I cannot crop because of the peculiarities of the site, then it stays. So I would say your lack of photographic education is evident.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    Jorge: I should have been clearer; I left out the word harassment. I meant to say: I will file a sexual harassment complaint about you to the moderator of this forum if that is what it is going to take to keep you from constantly disrupting this thread with your displaced anger over anything digital or other people's opinions. I have seen you too many times be rude and obnoxious to others on this forum when we are all here trying to gather information and help others. If you cannot behave like a gentleman, then do not comment.

    I am sure I speak for more than myself.

    "Creativity takes courage." ~ Henri Matisse
    Darlene Almeda,

    LF Print Exchange Gallery

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    "As always you assume something and you believe it to be correct"

    Gee Jorge,

    Like you presume I'm a minimum wage printing tech, like you presume I work in a one hour photo lab, like you presume I know nothing about conventional film work(20 years of darkroom work says you're wrong), like you presume I'm not a photographer, like you presume....

    I see, it's OK if you do it, but the rest of us are ignorant when we do it.

    I think in the future, on all these digital threads, I'll just respond to people individually via email. That way Jorge can't turn another post into garbage by his uniformed, ignorant, abusive rants.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    Dave Luttmann If I'm taking a landscape shot for example, are you telling me that improved resolution, low noise, and dynamic range are not important.....that you're work is better served by a lower quality capture device.

    Without compelling elements, a technically perfect picture makes no sense at all. If the photographer is emulating a clear window, then I just don't understand why one would even bother. Is it a lifestyle thing? Technology bound to self-identity?

    By the way, speaking within the paradigm of technical elegance, Dave, your surname has too many letters. Lutman would suffice. The double-letters look like noise. Time to update.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    Yeah, I am the only one. Or is it because I am the only one who dares to disagree with you all?

    If I am addressed with respect, I respond in kind. Butzi and I do not like each other at all, but he posted a polite response and I responded in kind. So let me tell you I am definitely not afraid of your complaint, in fact since I am treating you the same as all the other males in this forum I would say sexual grounds for complaint are definitely off base. You are nobody special just because you are a woman and I am definitely not according you any special treatment just because you are.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    I agree Darr,

    At least on these digital threads, Jorge has always been an uniformed, abusive, irritant. He doesn't like digital capture or output, and his sole reason for being involved is to ram his biased opinion down our throats, when all the rest of us want informed discussion. This was a digital thread. Jorge shouldn't be here considering his well voiced opinion of his distaste for all things digitally related.

    I will try my best to avoid response to his uniformed posts in digital threads in the future. School yard bullies normally loose interest when they are ignored by everyone else. I suggest everyone do the same and maybe he will find another forum to pollute with his abnoxious behaviour.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill


    The extra 'T' & 'N' are not noise......they are extra resolution ;-)

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    The extra 'T' & 'N' are not noise......they are extra resolution ;-)

    Ah! Line PAIR. I get it now. Now I don't feel so bad about choosing my surname.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    20 years of darkroom work says you're wrong

    You know it is not the same to have 20 years of increasing darkroom experience to have one year experience repeated 20 times.

    Now, since we are critiquing pictures, lets talk about some of your master pieces.

    Do you know how to use a view camera? I really, really like the way you have succeeded into making the buildings fall away from each other....Good job!

    Now, lets see a perfect example of cropping as well as outstanding LF work, I really should listen to what you have to say 'cause this is really good.

    I am really speechless at the clean straight lines and uncluttered view you have achieved here. And those flowers!! Men, they definitely do not need to be cropped they add a little volume to the open space feeling of the room.....

    Taddaaa! My favorite.......

    I will leave this one alone......should not kick a man when he is down.

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    Inkjet and Hunington Witherill

    Jorge has always been an uniformed, abusive, irritant

    Judging by your pictures, I would say the one who is uninformed and has no clue as to LF work is another one, which BTW, it is abusive and an irritant too... ;-)

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