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Thread: FYI: Jenopik aquires majority of Sinar

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    FYI: Jenopik aquires majority of Sinar

    Swiss newspapers report today, that the German Jenopik AG ( has acquired a 51% share of Sinar. The remaining 49% are still held by the Sinar family. The details of the transaction will not be published.

    There have been rumors that Sinar is cliffhanging. So Jenoptik probably (and hopefully) acquired the equity investment by a capital increase.

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    FYI: Jenopik aquires majority of Sinar

    Seems interesting. Either the families know each other and one has come to rescue, or they find Sinars' digital expertise worth something. Looking at the Jenopik product line and related companies, I don't really see much of a fit for view cameras.

    I'm sure Jenoptik got a good deal.
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    FYI: Jenopik aquires majority of Sinar

    Hi Eric

    It was also stated in the news I readed here in Swiss thad Sinar and Jenoptik worked together for a while and so the relationship was there for a while.
    Hope they will survive!

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