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Thread: Testing the equipment, first LF photos.

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    Re: Testing the equipment, first LF photos.

    I just meter on area interested in and go. What ever the shutter speed turns out to be, so be it. One thing to remember is evenyually you wil run into film not liaded correctly, film holder not seated right, ground glass holder not seated prooerly, inadvertent tilt/swing/to much rise/fall/shift, firget to close aperture after focusing, forget to set shutter speed, fstop, meter wrong, drop film holder, not level camera, forget to tighten ball head, forget to tighten focus knobs, etc. List goes on.

    I started out ok, got better, now I got worse because I know enough to be completely dangerous with a view camera. At some point I hope to get better again.

    Overall you're off to a good start.

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    Re: Testing the equipment, first LF photos.

    Thank you Steven, nice website btw.

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