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Thread: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

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    Re: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

    Already looking beautiful Jim and excited to follow another one of your camera builds.


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    Re: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

    Regarding springs: I went to Home Depot and bought a brass kick plate -- the metal piece that goes at the bottoms of doors, you see them around heavily traveled areas. The metal, if I recall, is about 1/16" thick, give or take.

    Cut the spring out to shape, curl the end(s) for screws, etc., then lay it on an anvil, thick flat metal surface, bit ol' vise, whatever, and hammer all over the flat section with a regular hammer. Try not to use the hammer head's edge; go for getting the flat part to make the impact as much as possible. This makes for less pounding to get the result, with fewer (or no) dents.

    Hammering it changes it structure in some way that makes it springy.

    For a larger camera, it's probably wise to make smaller "leaves", treat them the same way, and layer them towards the middle of the longer spring, for long-term strength and springiness. You've probably all seen that kind of configuration on various cameras you've encountered.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

    I've used those kick plates over the years for various parts for the cameras I've built. You can get a lot out of one kick plate. They come in brass and stainless steel. I have found that the stainless feeler gauge material works great and yes on larger cameras I use more leaves as it gives a stronger spring and keeps the holder tight to the back.

    BTW I did a weigh in and the camera will be 22 lbs. I'm very happy about that!

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