Linhof has a new price list for lenses, dated September 1, 2018. See:
The earlier price list, dated April 1, 2018, showed the digital lenses available in both the Copal 0 shutter and the Rodenstock eShutter. This new price list shows them only in the eShutter. Also the prices have gone up a bit.

As for analogue lenses, the earlier list included the Schneider 72mm Super Angulon XL; this is gone from the new list. The new list retains the 90mm Super Angolan XL and all the Apo-Sironar lenses shown on the April list. But while the April list gives "upon request" in the price column for the Apo-Sironar S lenses, the September 2018 list shows prices in Euros. I wonder if this is a result of the new production run of these Rodenstock lenses reported elsewhere on this forum in June of this year.