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Thread: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

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    Re: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

    No disagreement. Every one of us should read this at least once a year.

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    Re: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

    On the flip-side, those who like to say that new tools won't make better images, still are not very helpful to those looking for general information. Yes, it's true to an extent, but doesn't really help those who know they need a specific tool for a specific image. No one berates someone for buying a screwdriver when all they have is a hammer, but needs to screw something together.

    But yes, extremely rare/expensive lenses will not make "better" images than cheaper, more available options that are close enough. Some may have preferences, especially for lenses they already own and perhaps found for $5 in the junk bin back before they were cult items. I certainly don't often suggest APO Lanthar lenses, despite owning 3. In fact, coming back on-topic, I have a 10.5cm APO Lanthar that is a great lens for 6x9, if you shoot in that range a lot, but is really too pricey to suggest for general usage...
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