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Thread: V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

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    V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

    I like the idea proposed in another thread about sandwiching film between two pieces of glass with ANR coatings contacting the film. I'm thinking the Betterscanning Wet/Dry Mounting Station, with an extra piece of ANR glass, would be ideal. I really don't want to try to tape my MF negs to the glass as there isn't much of an edge around my 6x9s.

    I know another member here does this, though with the supplied Epson V750 Wet mount (non ANR, but with B/W film emulsion contacting that glass) and another ANR glass on top. Are there any others who have done or are doing this? Is there just more badness going through even MORE glass???

    Also as a note, my V700 seems to achieve best focus at around 4.5mm! In that case, wouldn't mounting on the bottom of the Wet/Dry station not allow me enough height for optimal focus? I don't know enough about the design of the BS holders, but I'd have to think the glass is thick enough to drop the film out of focus, without enough room left for adjustment back to the optimal height.

    I'd like to place an order right now, but I thought I may be wiser to run this by some of you knowledgeable and helpful folks here first.

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    Re: V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

    ANR is not a coating, until I know.

    When it's used with an scanner it's placed between the illumination and the negative, but not between the negative and the lens, as ANR is slightly frosted.

    I you wet mount you don't need ANR glass, because you won't have Newton rings, as the mounting fluid has similar Refractive index than glass.

    The V700 has 2 different lenses inside, one is used (automaticly) with holders and covers 5.9" width, and the other one is used with the area guide. That second lens is focused (I guess) on the bed glass surface and not at some height over the bed.

    You can also get the (spare) MF film holder of the V800/850. It comes with an ANR glass that's placed on the film. You just need to place the curled side to the top and then the ANR glass will kepp it flat. That new holder has height adjustment.

    You also can keep the negatives inside a big book during a week, protected with the slevees, to get flat (or flatter) negatives.

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