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Thread: Troubleshooting devopment

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    Re: Troubleshooting devopment

    Hi steve,

    I admit not folowing all your post in detail, but did you try as a start to go the "regular" way, ie expose your Tmax 100 (if that is the film you use) at say 80 ASA, develop in XTtol 1:1 and take it from there (or any other established and proven combination), and that go to more demanding routines ?

    Good luck,


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    Re: Troubleshooting devopment

    This was not demanding, straight forward development in Tmax developer, stop bath, fixxer, hypoclear, rinse for 10 minutes then photoflo, hang to dry. Have not used xtol developer. I would have used 2-bath pyrocat, but I was short changed 20ml of developer A.

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