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Thread: Kodak technical data sheets for Pro Copy (4125) & Commercial (4127) film

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    Kodak technical data sheets for Pro Copy (4125) & Commercial (4127) film

    I found a stack of Kodak Technical Data publications that I had printed out 15-20 years ago, so I'm going to scan and post them here for reference.

    Here is publication F-16 dated May 2000, for 4127 Commercial film; and publication F-17 dated Nov. 1997, for 4125 Professional Copy film.
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    Re: Kodak technical data sheets for Pro Copy (4125) & Commercial (4127) film

    Hello, John! Since I just ordered some 4x5 copy film from you, I just got done looking up the tech data.

    I have used the film before for landscape -- especially in low contrast situations that I want to increase the contrast for printing alt processes. It does it quite well...a little touchy. It is fussy about exposure, as more exposure increases contrast.

    On page three of the tech sheet (F-17) is the Reciprocity Curve for Kodak Copy Film. Am I reading it correctly that there is no adjustment at 10 seconds, and one adds about a half-stop at 100 seconds? my exposure times are usually quite a bit more, but it is an unusual film that has been working well for me.

    Carbon print from an in-camera Kodak Copy Film negative
    Big-Leaf Maple, 8x10, 300mm lens, ASA 25, f90 at 1 minute.
    Developed in HC-110, Dil.B, 70F, 15 minutes, Constant ag.
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    Re: Kodak technical data sheets for Pro Copy (4125) & Commercial (4127) film

    Another film type killed off by the scanner. Professional Copy Film 4125 was designed to do one thing- make copy negatives from b/w prints. So (as the data sheet explains) there is an upsweep in the highlight portion of the film's characteristic curve. I made a lot of copy negs using that film earlier in my career, and it worked quite well, once you'd done the testing. I can't imagine using it as a camera film out in the world, but Vaughn's example proves me (quite happily) wrong.

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