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    While I am not new here I have not been active in many many years. My old login no longer worked so I made a new one. I am coming back to my LF cameras with the hopes of printing in carbon. Due to depression and the cost of film my cameras collected dust. I read about x-ray film a couple years ago and I dusted the cameras off. I'm so out of practice I fogged a whole box by not remembering to lock the bathroom door. My son opened the door, flipped on the light and said"why are you in the dark?" My random check showed fog so my lesson was learned.

    I am looking for plans to build a UV box and am intrigued by the UV Eric Biggerstaff.

    Off to read threads now.

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    Welcome back!

    But your sonís action wasnít all that bad. When I was Product Manager for Beseler we were just introducing Beseler 2 step chemistry and color paper.

    Our first shipment of paper never arrived because the box car it was shipped on derailed and the contents were spilled into snow banks. Our second shipment arrived OK and when we went to the warehouse to check it we found our warehouse manager opening the boxes and counting the number of sheets per box to verify that we received the correct number of sheets!

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    That's funny.

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    You see it on eBay all the time. It just makes me shutter.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---


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