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Thread: View Camera magazine - Canada

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    View Camera magazine - Canada

    We are going to try a different delivery system for Canada. Instead of mailing the magazines in the US and then having them go through the Canadian system we are going to try a service that will take them to Canada and then placed directly in the Canadian system.

    steve simmons

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    View Camera magazine - Canada

    I hope this works for your and your Canadian subscribers Steve. I know I would miss my View Camera magazine if I could no longer receive it.

    Best of luck and I'll have my fingers crossed for you all ;o)

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    View Camera magazine - Canada

    Best of luck with this Steve. I must admit that I've always purchased it through my local bookstore and enjoyed a cup of Starbucks while I glance through it. Never had a problem finding it in fact, it appears more people are buying it as it sells out quicker than it used to.


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    View Camera magazine - Canada

    I too have always purchased my copy of View Camera from a local bookseller because it was a much better financial deal than subscribing. When my local independant book store succumbed to the C/I plague I relented and started to shop at the local big-box book outlet with the Starbucks in the back. As I never had a problem getting a copy, I avoided subscribing and saved a few dollars.

    On the other hand, I did subscribe to Lens Work as they had a "deal" for Canadian subscribers once that did save me money over the local cover price. Steve, will it still cost more (in real Canadian dollars) to subscribe or will I be able to subscribe and save some money?


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    View Camera magazine - Canada

    We are checking on the pricing as I write this


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