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Thread: Materials from the past

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    Materials from the past

    I occasionally buy a print now and then when I find something I really like. Was browsing on the auction site a week ago and came across a print from 1940 of a quality and style that I really liked. The vintage style was very appealing to me so I decided to put an offer on it and won the bid for a very modest price. The photographer isn't anyone famous and is most likely long past dead, but I though this was a very nice and successful fine art nude.

    Got the print and it looks really beautiful. The printing quality is very good and what I really like is the tonal quality of the paper. There is also a very slight texture that it has picked up from the mounting board that really enhances the photo. It also has a very appealing warmth to it that is very different from today's modern print papers. I wish there was something around today that gave me this look, but I haven't found anything like this. Don't get me wrong, today's papers are extremely good and have their own unique look to them, some of which are favorites of mine. It's just that the "look of yesteryear" has a very different appeal to it.

    Do you guys out there have any photos from back then that you have the same feelings about when it comes to the look, tone, and impression that the photos give you?

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