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Thread: Linhof Repair in Europe

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    Linhof Repair in Europe

    I hope European members of the forum can help me. I have acquired a Linhof Master Tech and wanted to give it a proper CLA. Where should I send it to, and how much should I expect to pay? I tried to contact Linhof Factory but they did not reply to my inquiries. I am based in the UK for the time being.

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    Re: Linhof Repair in Europe

    Ask the UK distributor.

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    Re: Linhof Repair in Europe

    I had my Master Technika 2000 serviced last year by Linhofstudio Ltd, Image House, 204 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS9 1BS T: 01702716116 and it cost 326 including VAT. No parts or repairs were needed. As far as I can tell the job was done well.

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    Re: Linhof Repair in Europe

    Linhof Studio in the UK at the best, in my opinion.

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