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Thread: Adding a flash synch port to a Graflex Super D/RB

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    Re: Adding a flash synch port to a Graflex Super D/RB

    Yes you are right. I have one with the external switch.

    However you are far better at describing it.

    I call it ‘flap down, flap down’.

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    Re: Adding a flash synch port to a Graflex Super D/RB

    Appreciate the reply. I'll do some research into this.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdarnton View Post
    Bad info here: that's definitely not correct about the lack of shutter speeds with Graflex cameras that have flash sync when using strobe, or the necessity to use only big FP bulbs, or the need for a separate shutter!

    The proper way to use strobe on a synced Graflex SLR is what's called drop shutter. The shutter is set to the widest curtain, "0" which means that the film is completely exposed through the shutter, however, with the mirror down, no light gets in. Then the shutter is fired. In sequence, first the mirror rises uncovering the film to the lens and the outside, then next triggers the flash, then next it triggers the shutter to go from open to fully closed. At low tension, the resulting speed is about 1/5, at high tension, more like 1/10. This is fine for most work where you're going to use a strobe (i.e, studio). This same strategy can be used with any bulb, even AG1 if you're so inclined.

    These speeds obviously also work with no bulb, also, if you need a slow shutter speed on your Super D. I used to shoot a lot of available light this way with 4x5 Polaroid 3000 film in my Super D.

    The traditional ad hoc way to synch the earlier cameras is to wire a switch hanging above the mirror lever at the end of its travel so that when the lever goes up it triggers the flash. These days, a microswitch with a long arm would be perfect for that.

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