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Thread: source for day-glo paint?

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: source for day-glo paint?

    That luminous paint will actually fog certain films even six feet away. I've kept my old clock-style Gralab as an emergency backup to my fancy timers, but
    learned log ago to place any of these things under the sink where film in a tray can't "see" any luminous paint. And even my red LED timers turned down to
    their lowest brightness have added multiple strips of ND filter material over the readout, or color film can be affected. Instead of paint, I bought a roll of luminous tape. I use a simple paper hole punch and attach a single little dot of that to critical things I need to find, like a light switch on the wall. It won't hold its gentle glow for long, but certainly long enough for a film developing session. Then four or five minutes of room light back on, and it will be recharged. Much safer, and could be attached to your timer clock hands too. Looks similar to the roll of tape linked on the previous thread. But if you still need paint, it's likely Edmund has it.

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    Re: source for day-glo paint?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    this stuff is great!

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    Re: source for day-glo paint?

    I tend to tilt my Gralabs away from film processing trays - being a bit paranoid about the light they produce. Not as concerned for printing though.

    I did have a student back in the day...who would hold his films/reels as close to whatever Gralab was handy - thinking he was so clever (like it would earn him an "A" or something) that he could see what he was doing!

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    Re: source for day-glo paint?

    Golden paints has it. It works well. Buy it at a decent art supply shop.
    Tracy Storer
    Mammoth Camera Company tm

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