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Thread: Practical Resolution discussion

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    Re: Practical Resolution discussion

    Ok so you have 400 native - try sending higher bit color like 48-bit at 560 and allow the print driver to use (I don’t know what you call it but for lack of better word - halftoning) to distribute different colors to adjacent pixels to downsample 48 to 24...

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    Re: Practical Resolution discussion

    Keeping the thread on a practical note here is what I am going to do .

    Photographer is going to set up a studio lit shot with good skintone and some objects that are well defined.

    He will expose as normal .

    First he will process out at 600ppi to find out the native long side. 20 x 30 at 600ppi.

    Once this is determined he will send me one file processed out at 600ppi at 30 inch long side
    one file processed out at 300ppi at 30 inch long side

    I will then take both of these files and print them out at 30inches on the long side , hopefully I will be able to see a difference. From this point I may go further if there are suggestions from any of you.

    The goal will be to make same size prints from same original capture, but processed out differently.. this will be interesting and will post my observations... if there is significant difference I will make the test prints
    available to anyone who wants to provide the shipping and then send it to the next person..

    this may all be nonsense as well but Bobby needs to know.

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    Re: Practical Resolution discussion

    Bob, this practical test woud be very interesting.

    Let me suggest something.

    Perhaps it would be good also printing a shot taken with a lens with twice the focal to compare, if it is a portrait then the second shot would only have the head. That second shot would be enlarged the half, so both heads would have the same size on the print.

    This would be useful to find the limits of the source image, or better said, it would show how it would be if from a sensor 2x larger and with 4x more pixels.

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    Re: Practical Resolution discussion

    Here's what I've found: the less sharpening that needs to be used, the better & more 'real' the final print looks - ie a good crisp, clean scan that isn't mushy or a sensor with less intrusive anti-aliasing etc (watch out for moire!) seem to give better results & can be squeezed a bit bigger. Intensive & excessive sharpening to try and hide serious optical defects is often all too obvious.

    On the matter of higher pixel density in prints, I recently made a small set of 480-500ish ppi prints (from X5 scans of 6x7/120 at 1600ppi) on 308gsm Photorag, mostly just testing out a few BW warm/ cool tonal balances, but the reaction of those I showed the prints to has largely been one of surprise/ amazement at what Photorag can hold resolution-wise - which to me says quite a lot about the often frighteningly low quality standards people accept in prints (especially, notionally 'high-end' inkjet prints) & an unquestioning reliance on 300ppi as an adequate output resolution - I also think that a lack of cultural exposure to 8x10/ ULF contact prints plays into this acceptance of poor printing as well as a desperate urge to print as big as possible. Maybe for 'optimal' quality we should move to a baseline of 400ppi rather than 300-360...

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