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Thread: 4x5 with 4x10 camera?

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    Re: 4x5 with 4x10 camera?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrTang View Post
    shoot 2x5
    cut a darkslide in half lengthwise - get two exposures per 4x5 sheet
    WAY cheaper than 4x10 and the same ratio and you can use your camera for 4x5 too
    The array of less expensive lenses that can cover 4x5 is an advantage, also. Starting off with a 4x5 would simplify things and buying used would leave big bucks for film! One could also do panoramas with two 4x5 negs and not try to stitch them together, but print them side-by-side with space between.

    Basically what I did in the tree image below (but closer to two 2.5x5 sections of 4x5 negs.) I included the two original full negs and the final result. I also included an image of a 7.5x19 print made from a cropped 4x5 negative.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails RedwoodPC.jpg   2TreeTop.jpg   2TreeBottom.jpg   PrairieCrNarrow.jpg  
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    Re: 4x5 with 4x10 camera?

    thanks for the tips,
    very nice horizontal pano, those branches create such a depth
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