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Thread: Aerial lenses - with a difference - maybe

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    Re: Aerial lenses - with a difference - maybe

    Possible the aero lenses are part of the Foto fad or fashion of digging up odd lenses with the idea of making images that look different. Could be part of the Foto gear obsession of finding a Foto tech item that "creates" a desirable image rather than cultivating, learning and working on artistic and related skills that are required to produce expressive images.

    There was a time decades ago when there were a lot of Aero lenses on the surplus market and many of them were not expensive, many were also odd in various ways. Some found their way into refractor telescopes, spotting scopes for large mirror telescopes, some became sought after for 4x5 (6" f2.5 Aero Ektar example), some useful for astro photo ( Super Farron 76mm & 150mm f/0.87 ) and ... majority of them are highly specialized and does not work well for the majority of expressive photographic image making.


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    Re: Arial lenses - with a difference - maybe

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Fromm View Post
    Bryan, I had considerable fun learning about lenses used on aerial cameras and trying them out. But the fun ended after I learned what I needed to know. All of my lenses from aerial cameras except for the 38 Biogon are retired. And now that I have a 35/4.5 Apo Grandagon I don't use the Biogon very much.
    The 38mm Biogon (a borrowed Hasselblad Supreme wide angle) hooked me right away in the Sixties. The 75mm Biogon is terrific for LF for the same virtues the 38mm has. I do not use perspective movements with either, of course. Wide-open accutance and low distortion at reasonable distances is astounding.

    The 35 APO Grandagon is a disappointment. I used it for 6x12 and 6x9. It is sharp only at ƒ22 which by the way is required with a center filter. Maybe I have a bad sample or I messed up somehow - several times. (For those who use the Horseman finder, beware it is easy to misalign the mask.)

    EDIT: I'm with Dan regarding medium format, and not to be contrary but it is certainly adequate and I really like handling it in sheet film. It lays so flat. Its economy is hard to better.
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