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Thread: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Watson View Post
    Except... sharper focus does tend to make the graininess stand out more. The lens can't change graininess, but your use of the lens can make what graininess there is more visible. So it's not the lens, it's your focus technique. And this shouldn't be surprising when you think about it. The lens you say gives you "sharper grain" is the longer focal length, which is easier to focus.

    You don't need to believe me. It's easy enough to test this for yourself. Make a few exposures with your 125mm lens -- one with your best attempt at perfect focus, then one that's a touch too far, and one that's a touch too short (really, barely enough to see the difference with a loupe on the GG). Stop down to a reasonable aperture (say f/16 or f/22), making each exposure exactly the same. Develop them together to eliminate any processing differences. Look at them on the light table with your loupe. What do you see?

    All that said, the light table / loupe have about zero to do with a print. Unless you're making prints above 10x enlargement from your Delta 100 you shouldn't see any graininess to speak of in the print. And from a 5x4 negative (actual image size is 4.88 x 3.88 inches, or 12.4 x 9.94 cm), that's about a 125 x 100 cm print. Which is huge. Are you really printing that size? If not, this discussion is really pointless, which is one of the reasons to get into LF in the first place.
    I think this is certainly about sharpness and resolution after some more assessment. The scans are dealing with this in a less flattering way, counterintuitively. I am yet to scan above 4800, but doing so may average some of the noise out. I'll certainly make more pictures first and of course, concentrate on more important aspects of image making. Definitely don't want to get lost down rabbit holes with this.

    Like I say, if it wasn't for the small image circle of the 105mm, the results I'm getting are simply nicer on the whole. I'm probably going to continue looking for a lens that gives me similar results around 120mm, even if this does indeed mean a slightly softer image. I'll also see what happens with the scans shooting at f64 on the 125.

    I'm very much of the hybrid mindset BTW, for practical, aesthetic and financial reasons. I absolutely believe optical prints are superior for the record. This may be in my future.

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    And you should not let go.

    I apologize for being terse. What I wrote is similar to what I received during undergraduate criticism which was helpful but not enlightening. Enlightenment is the quality we should pursue, learn with joy, not under duress.

    I'm approaching old fart age. Lots to relearn.

    Very Best,
    No problem. I wish I had studied photography at uni - I definitely lack discipline in some ways!

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

    Quote Originally Posted by Pere Casals View Post
    Making accurate tests is a nice way to learn, at least it is my view. When one has technical issues solved it is easy to focus on the subject and on the art, operating the camera and processing with confidence allows for that.

    If you don't have a shutter tester you can make a DIY attachment to place a DSLR (without lens) in the camera back (just an angled plating with a hole in the middle for the tripod mount in the camera), it will take a tiny crop of the real negative but this can be enough to check exposures, aperture scales and other.

    To compare different sheets, you can place an Stouffer T2115 transmission density wedge on the scanner an then you scan the wedge alongside with the sheet, so you will have a solid density reference to compare, disable all automatic scanner adjustments for that. This converts the scanner into an amazing densitometer.
    That's interesting re. density test, thanks.

    For shutter test, what I've done tonight actually is make some audio recordings, which I'll get round to assessing.

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

    If you search ebay for shutter tester you will find a $12 photocell that is conneted to a soundcard or smartphone (there is a version for each), then instead recording sound you record in fact the light pulse with Audacity. This delivers a very accurate measurement.

    I modified one to be attached to a (Pico) usb oscilloscope... this is more convenient because the trigger feature in the oscilloscope.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - grain difference

    I bow out of this thread with only a few suggestions.

    Each film must from the same batch.
    Each film must be developed in the same tank.
    Each film must be exposed the same (in my modest experience LF shutters vary considerably)

    If scanning any automation must be disabled.

    Those are only the top requisites. There are more.

    Best to all,

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