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Thread: 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets

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    Re: 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Tribe View Post
    Before you do this, you might want to think about intellectual property of the MOD45 design.

    This is unlikely to have been patented, but probably is a registered design. You just can't reproduce a design, even when scaled up to 5x7.

    IANAL, and obviously this varies by jurisdiction, but I do know that in North America a design patent strictly covers aesthetic aspects of a design. A Coke bottle is the classic design patent; it does not cover all tapered bottles, only one shaped like a coke bottle.

    This object differs significantly from MOD54 in appearance (three legs, different shape on ends, etc) so I can't see how there would be an IP issue here?

    A utility patent could, as you say, be a different issue of course.

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    Re: 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets

    to revive an old thread... anyone tried this 4x5 design?

    Id gladly pay to have one made? PM me?

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    Re: 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets

    Looks like the Jobo 2509n which is currently available new from B&H Photo for $65 USD. A proven design that has worked for many, many people over the years.

    Maybe it is less expensive to have one of these printed.

    Additionally, the Jobo reel has two clip in sides that are installed after the film is loaded that helps keep the edges of the sheet straight which prevents the film from falling out of the slots. I don't see that on this design so am not sure what would happen when the outside edges sag during agitation.
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