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Thread: Anyone using HP 4570c scanner ?

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    Anyone using HP 4570c scanner ?

    Just cleaned the inside glass of this scanner <some mold> and was wondering if I could (easily ?) adapt
    this 2400 dpi rig towards 5x7 negatives. Although I still could use Win XL, I'd prefer for the sake of
    expediency, to use Windows 7 or 8. Are there any reliable places that I could get the drivers ? Thanks.

    OK. The scanner it's a freebie at this there is no reason for me to look at 750/850 Epsons.


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    Re: Anyone using HP 4570c scanner ?

    A efficient adaptation would be really hard.

    Pehaps you can place an illumination accessory that covers 5x7 and scanning in opaque mode, but this would deliver a lot of flare as you illuminate all the area.

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    Re: Anyone using HP 4570c scanner ?

    Scan in parts and then stitch together. I think that's the most realistic option for a scanner that supports only smaller formats than what you want to scan.

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