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Thread: $20 LASER Enlarger Alignment Tool

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    Re: $20 LASER Enlarger Alignment Tool

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    Gosh Pere, you should spend less time crunching numbers and more looking at actual prints. AA's enlarging lenses probably weren't all that good either by today's standards. He was primarily a commercial photographer most of his life, a moderately successful one, but hardly equipped like a serious photo lab even back then. He certainly couldn't afford the best gear, though his cameras improved.
    Drew our off topic was about if AA's negatives are blurred or not. What I say ís that we cannot judge that from his 2x prints because even today regular enlarging glass is not good at 2x.

    IMHO he was using a Cooke Triple with wisdom. The Moonrise was taken at f/32, an aperture that was not to limit the performance of his lens while ensuring focus depth in the negative plane, and then he nailed the exposure having lost the photometer, so a perfect job.
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    Re: $20 LASER Enlarger Alignment Tool

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    The Apo Rodagon D is made in 3 different lenses, 2 are 75mm and 1 is a 120. None would cover an 810. The best lens for your example would be a Rodagon.
    This is in the new market, but in the "not new" market we have the R 210 that covers well 810 at 2x, or the R 240, that would not be beaten by regular enlarging lenses at 2x. Another thing is that probably we would need a magnifier to see the difference.

    Sure a R is a pitfall for 35mm, for MF and even for 4x5, if not for duplicating slides, because greater than 2x is common. But IMHO for 8x10 an R can make sense for extraordinary 20x16 prints (2x) that would show a surprising amount of detail when inspected with a magnifier, with quality closer to contact print quality.
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