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Thread: Metering Middle Grey

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    Re: Metering Middle Grey

    The density shift using a UV filter will be marginal at best. The point of using them is to cut through haze a tiny bit, and with some films, alleviate inter-emulsion light scattering, leading to a sharper image. Many color films go a little blue at high altitude especially due to excess UV, so stronger or pinkish
    versions like a 2B can correct color accuracy as well. But for noticeable contrast increase relative to skies etc, you need at least a distinctly yellow contrast filter per se, and preferably an even deeper color. But don't be fooled about shorelines just cause they're low altitude. There is plenty of UV. The beach can be a great place to get sunburned. Duuuh.

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    Re: Metering Middle Grey

    Quote Originally Posted by Pere Casals View Post
    I also agree that UV contribution to exposure would be low at sea level.

    In this (wiki) graph we see in red the sunlight spectrum at sea level, so it's easy to figure what exposutre contribution eliminated by an UV filter would be modest.

    The yellow graph shows the spectrum outside of the atmosphere, so in high mountain conditions we would have an intermediate situation.

    He is taking a picture of the sky, not the sun.

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