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Thread: Selling Prints Online

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Quote Originally Posted by j.e.simmons View Post
    The original poster asked about places like FAA which prints, frames and ships. I don’t know what camera Jeff used, but my one sale was from a scanned 4x5 negative.
    I use all sorts of cameras, including 4x5 and various digital models (Canon) even iPhones. The majority of my sales are from digital files from various Canon models. However, I’ve sold several images from scanned 4x5 negatives (B&W).

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Quote Originally Posted by Taija71A View Post
    Yes... Please keep us all informed.
    I would be very 'interested' to know, what the 'Net Margin' is -- On your Print Sale.
    hi Taija71A
    im not on FAA. imagekind has all their
    prices upfront and people can charge whatever you want
    from 1$ profit to 1000% profit. they send you a check
    after the "return time" is up ( they offer a MBG so if the buyer doesn't like
    the printing &c they just return it and get $ back ). they will sell your work
    on amazon, blast you on their various feeds, but they don't have a rep
    to shop your work around. they don't really care wha you upload. some folks
    upload "figurative work" otherrs sketches and paintings, others adamsesque landscapes
    others stuff that is sort of off the wall, and others just import their flickr feed.
    i can't speak for FAA but ... i was going to go there and saachix2 about 5 or 6 years ago
    when imagekind had some sort of a glitch, their services did not
    seem at the same level too many fish in a small tank. saachi had in-site contests &c
    which i wasn't interrestd in both offered lots of glimmer but no gold.
    im sure they are all the same. $wise, unless FAA and saachisaachi have specific prices they make you charge.
    but as i said earlier. imagekind's customer service ( both for someone who uploads and who buys )
    is top notch .. and their printing is as well. can't complain at all ...
    i won't post my sales figures but i'll just say it has been worth it.

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Hi jnanian!

    Thanks, for your latest message reply to the thread.
    You have posted, some very 'Insightful' and constructive comments Re: Selling Prints Online.
    I sincerely hope, that thing$ continue to go really well for you... On 'Imagekind'.
    Best regards,


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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    @ jnanian...

    You have a PM. Please clear some space in your 'In Box'.

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    FAA - The Federal Aviation Administration sell prints?
    I tend to procrastinate on stuff. One of these days I'll do something about it.

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

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