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Thread: advise on expanding my lens setup

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    Re: advise on expanding my lens setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Oakley View Post
    I've sent lenses to Carol at Flutots in the past, why not post shutters to the US for repair? I'm in the UK, never had a problem with Flutots, stop being insular the EU isn't everything!
    I'm not insular, just practical: customs and post service in Belgium is PITA. Not a big issue if you just order, it adds only about 4 weeks to the delivery time if it comes from outside the EU.

    But today the shutter from Kumar arrived. So now I can swap out the defective shutter and have it send out for repair. Right now I have 2 addresses in Holland that say they can do the repair (depending parts).

    Also have some film in transit so if the good weather persists for a couple more days...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Fagan
    Something which may be an issue, is filter size.

    The SWD f/5.6 90mm uses 82mm filters. Image size is 236mm, angle of coverage is 105

    The SW f/8 90mm uses 67mm filters. Image size is 216mm, angle of coverage is 100

    When looking for a 90mm I weighed up the alternatives and went with the SW f/8 90mm lens over the SWD version solely because of the filter size.
    Yes, saw that as well. The uniform filter size is why I intended to stay with the Fuji CM/W line with their 67mm size.
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    Re: advise on expanding my lens setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    You actually decided on size rather then coverage, fall off, distortion, color curves, etc?
    Yes I did.

    Size, fall off, coverage, distortion are all important things to consider; so is the fact I am strictly an amateur and only have myself to please.

    Another consideration for me, was the ability to use my 67mm centre filter (which I have for my Fujinon SWD f/5.6/65mm) on the 90mm if I needed to. As it turned out, using the centre filter on the 90mm in some instances has been beneficial.

    I didn't consider colour to be an issue for me, the build and glass quality of these lenses is more than adequate for my needs. Around 30+ years ago I was working in a big studio complex, having a colour corrected in camera transparency was the order of the day for magazine reproduction and overall efficiency. I do appreciate that how a lens handles different colours also effects the outcome in B&W.


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