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Thread: anyone tried carbon fiber?

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    Re: anyone tried carbon fiber?

    Quote Originally Posted by Carsten Wolff View Post
    ...Reminds me of a Northern-German quote: "After firm comes loose" :-) .
    Anyway, I've made lovely, very light camera parts from balsa-ply and quite enjoyed even making my own ply. ....Most suited for the larger, flat, screw-less surfaces, such as standard-faces, lensboards, etc and can be trimmed with hard-, or soft-wood. Thin, two-part epoxy makes the surface pretty tough, but then you'd lose part of the weight advantage again; so I just seal and finish the ply with a bit of varnish or filler/paint. For "travel" cameras in particular, acrylic GG can also save surprising amounts of weight. Other weight-saving and simplification measures can add up: I e.g. made a 6x17cm/5x7" interchangeable GG and back holder from ply and aluminium; and using small turn-tabs saved me from a need to source springs, or bails.
    Yes true, and works...

    Balsa is light, more expensive, and hard to cut clean/straight, but I prefer basswood... Slightly harder/stiffer, sands smoother, and coating it with super thin coating of cyanoacrylate (superglue), it hardens/seals/stiffens it well...

    But cross-grain different layers, as it is quite stiff in one direction, but bends in the other easily, so the two layers counteract the bending very well...

    Great for lensboards!!!

    Steve K

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    Re: anyone tried carbon fiber?

    Quote Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
    [...] I prefer basswood [...]
    Basswood! One of nature's wonders, great for carving, so easy to finish and paint, too!

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