There's simply no substitute for checking color results under more than one good light source, including moderate daylight. Nobody expected to retouch the
dent in an expensive car is going to get away with, "the machine tells me it's a match"! But 16-point readers are far more accurate than 8 pt, but pretty much in use only in factories. The problem with pulsed xenon is that the more you split up that beam, and the the deeper or denser it's expected to read accurately, the more sheer candlepower you need. That's why you don't hear about too many 24 point machines. Basically, the power is allowed to build up in a capacitor like a dam, then instantly released. Once we were working with a 12 point machine and the capacitor popped. The surge echo was so severe that it not only blew out the surge protector in the device itself, but overwhelmed every protector in that building and permanently ruined every computer there. But a CRI 98 bulb in a lightbox doesn't mean you've got than level of viewing at
all. The reflector paint has to be close to ideal, and you even have to offset the color bias inherent to the diffuser plastic or
glass on top, or you can instantly lop about 10% off that alleged CRI rating.