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Thread: Zacks camera repair

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    Zacks camera repair

    Has anyone used Zacks Camera Repair, Rhode Island? If so, how was the experience? I have a large format camera that I need some work done on, and am looking for some information on them (are they pleasant/friendly to deal with, turnaround time, pricing, etc.).


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    Re: Zacks camera repair

    Can definitely recommend Zack's: communicative, obliging, technically competent, and pricing is sensible for painstaking skilled hand-work.
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    Re: Zacks camera repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Maris Rusis View Post
    Can definitely recommend Zack's....
    Thanks, Maris, I appreciate it! That you're sending him cameras from Australia says a lot.

    P.S. I LOVE your infrared work! I would like to "get to where you are."

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    Ray Van Nes
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    Re: Zacks camera repair

    I just had him tune up my Agfa Isolette III. He adjusted the rangefinder and put in a new mirror, tuned up the shutter and took some dents out of the top. He did it quickly and quite reasonably. I have since treated to new blue bellows, now it is good for another 50 years.

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    Re: Zacks camera repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Van Nes View Post
    I just had him tune up my Agfa Isolette III....
    Thanks, it sounds like he knows his stuff, when it comes to old cameras.

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