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Thread: Carrying the 12x20

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    Re: Carrying the 12x20

    Quote Originally Posted by Whir-Click View Post
    I’ve been contemplating one of these for my Korona 12x20 and wonder if anyone has tried it:
    I use a 20x20 model of this same bag for my 11x14. Works great. The body of the case holds the camera,
    a couple of lenses and the dark cloth. There is an outside zippered pocket that holds two film holders. Carries well with the handles but not comfortable for long distance. I put it in a baby stroller to go cross country. A good case for the money.

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    Re: Carrying the 12x20

    Someone that sews canvas or leather should be able to sew longer handles on that bag for you. They are indeed rugged bags.

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    Re: Carrying the 12x20

    Quote Originally Posted by William Whitaker View Post
    Note last line of OP.
    My point was that you could probably find a stroller for less than 40$.

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    Re: Carrying the 12x20

    I use this bag for my 12x20" Canham:
    Now mounted on a foam-padded backpack harness.

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