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Thread: Southwest Florida / Everglades

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    Re: Southwest Florida / Everglades

    Clyde no longer lives in Big Cypress, but you can visit his gallery there. Regarding "wading" in the Everglades, He and his wife used to lead Swamp Walks every Sept. where you waded waist deep through the water. I participated once a few years ago. To my knowledge no one was ever bit by a water moccasin, rattlesnake, or an alligator. Of course, there's always a first time...

    As mentioned, the real problem and possibly a bigger danger are the Pythons. They are destroying the Everglades wildlife. It's only a matter of time before some unfortunate hiker is taken. I was fortunate enough to arrive at a local wetlands preserve just as an alligator caught a python. We watched for about 90 min. as he devoured it.
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    Re: Southwest Florida / Everglades

    Quote Originally Posted by j.e.simmons View Post
    At the time I met him, Clyde was using an orange filter to bring out those clouds. I always found google earth useful for finding potential shooting spots.
    What film did he shoot?

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    Re: Southwest Florida / Everglades

    Bryan, the road through the Fakahatchee Strand starts from SR 29 at Copeland. We used to go there fairly regularly. I was last there in '09, the road was then in poor condition. Deep potholes with sharp edges filled with water. I was rarely able to use a lens much longer than normal there. Once shot some Ibis with a 480 on my tandem Graphic, but usually I used lenses shorter than normal. The horizon is almost always very close ... AFAIK, there's no way out from the far end of the road. Turn around and retrace y'r steps.

    There's also a boardwalk into the Strand, off of US 41 about 7 miles west of the 41-29 intersection.

    You might want to go into the Big Cypress loop road. I used to enter it from Monroe Station before dawn, drive in ~ 5 miles to the Clearwater Strand and wait for everything to wake up.

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    Re: Southwest Florida / Everglades

    Thanks Dan, that's very helpful!
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    Re: Southwest Florida / Everglades

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    What film did he shoot?
    I asked a friend who shot with CB and did his printing. According to him "his favorite was Ilford Delta 100 that was readily available in 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14.

    He also used Fuji Neopan 100 and Kodak tmax 100".

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