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Thread: Removing Standards from a Sinar P2

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    Re: Removing Standards from a Sinar P2

    Quote Originally Posted by archphotofisher View Post
    I say the frames are from an x model, standards look p2 to me.
    At least one X model doesn't have the release knob on the rear frame

    If the rear frame could be mounted to the front, maybe someone wanted release knobs on both front and rear frames and swapped one leaving the OP without any.

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    Re: Removing Standards from a Sinar P2

    there is a sinar x 4x5 for sale on eBay right now, you can see the differences in the standards eBay item no.263645693448

    just saw the post above, dido

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    Re: Removing Standards from a Sinar P2

    Well, at least it looks like I didn't get too screwed. Those screws above the Sinar logo are on extremely tight though. The only thing I have that'll fit in there is a precision screwdriver (3/16" is too wide), and they just pop out if I use a pair of pliers to apply more torque, the screw doesn't budge. I think I'm just gonna give up on removing the standards and just lay them down horizontally stacked on top of each other in the case

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    Re: Removing Standards from a Sinar P2

    That is a Sinar X, the frames are not intended to be removed.

    Suspect it can be slightly altered so the frames can be removed as it would be surprising if Sinar significantly altered their tooling and production to offer a camera that special and specific.

    Not possible to have two front Sinar P standards with the lower tilt controls as the the lock levers would bump into each other.


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