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Thread: Cold Shoe for P2?

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    Cold Shoe for P2?

    For those of you who shoot with a Sinar P2 and strobes, how do you attach your trigger to the camera? I'm using a digital back on the rear standard, so being able to get a cold shoe mounted on the rear standard would be ideal, but anything better than just setting my trigger on top of the back would be an improvement from what I'm doing right now

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    Re: Cold Shoe for P2?

    I made one from a hotshot taken from an old 35mm camera and a small piece of plastic. I epoxied the shoe to the metal after I drilled a hole through the plastic for a screw. The groove at the top of the standard has room for a small nut for the screw to tighten into. I based it off of the official Sinar shoe you can buy.
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    Re: Cold Shoe for P2?

    Ohhh, I see. You set the nut into the hole, then slide it over beneath the groove and tighten it down? Is that how the official cold shoe attaches?

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