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Thread: KangRinpoche Film Changing Tents?

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    Re: KangRinpoche Film Changing Tents?

    "Last one" meaning out of stock or end of production forever?

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    Re: KangRinpoche Film Changing Tents?

    I can't say much about the manufacturer, whether they're still in business or not. As for this particular transaction, the seller (3S-krpc) had 13 new model 3S (for up to 11x14) tents to sell, and it appears from the listing that I purchased #13. I checked his "other" listings, and he has no other tents for sale, nor has he recently sold other models. (EBay option Sold Listings.)

    Searching for KangRinpoche on EBay within category Cameras and Photo, there are none currently listed for sale, and these 13 are the only units that have been sold by any EBay seller in the last 90 days. (Again, Completed Listings. And, I think it's in the last 90 days.)

    You might try contacting the seller and see what he says, whether he will have more to sell later.

    Assuming all goes well with this transaction, I'll be selling a used Harrison 8x10 model for under $100 in the For Sale Forum. I'll be selling it inexpensively, because it's developed the fabric problem for which Harrison tents are known. I've not had a problem with it's being light-tight; but, with the KangRinpoche being offered at such a reasonable price, I decided to upgrade.

    As to the Harrison fabric problem, and as I understand it, to whatever degree, Harrison tents out-gas. If the tent is left for any long period of time (years?) in the compact sack that Harrison themselves sell with the unit, this out-gas in such close quarters attacks the fabric. The fabric takes on a "moistness" feel, though it's not really wet. This has occurred on both the exterior and interior skins of my tent. Airing out the tent does not reverse this problem. Best that Harrison tents be stored with the flap open in a large box, or perhaps hanging in the open air.

    I spoke with Harrison about this problem years ago, and they refused to acknowledge the problem. It was later that I learned about the problem's source, likely on this Forum.

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