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Thread: Case for Lenses on Boards?

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    Re: Case for Lenses on Boards?

    Like Doremus, I have my lenses mounted on Technika boards for use on a 4x5 Chamonix. I have a Toyo-Technika adapter to use the same lenses on a Toyo monorail. Even if I didn't own the Chamonix I'd still have the lenses on small boards and use an adapter for the Toyo. The small boards are just so much easier to pack and carry. I use padded lens wraps.

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    Re: Case for Lenses on Boards?


    Hello from France!

    You can have a look at this backpack with a home-made "storage system" with slotted wooden boards to hold LF lenses mounted on standard 140 mm Sinar boards.

    Home-made by a friend of mine, Marcel Couturier who routinely uses his LF gear when hiking and cycling.
    A nice woodworking project for those who love to use a router


    Another friend of mine uses a leather case similar to the ones used by craftsmen for carrying plumbing tools.

    This kind of leather case will fit Technika-style [96 x 99 mm] or 110mm square boards with a compact lens; you need of course to add some DIY foam or wooden separators if you carry 2 or 3 lenses.

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    Re: Case for Lenses on Boards?

    I have used a Halliburton 100 case with foam, cut out slots/ shape for my six lenses on sinar boards, each lens was encased with foam from top and bottom, the case would fit under the seat of the airplane so I carried it on. It was one part of my equipment I carried everywhere kept them close to me at all times. If my equipment got lost in the airline system i could aways rent a camera or borrow one from a local, consider my lenses irreplaceable.

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