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Thread: How do you experience your GG?

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    Re: How do you experience your GG?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post

    I still spend a lot of time under the darkcloth. Since I show the rebate, and thus do no cropping, I spend a lot of time refining the edges and corners of the image on the GG -- it's much too fun for me not to do! I do not use a viewing frame, though I can see its advantages. ...
    Lovely image, Vaughan!

    It's amazing how differently good photographers can work. I crop almost everything (I enlarge) and plan my end result before I set up for the shot; anything from tall and skinny to panorama to square (and occasionally full-frame too ). My viewing frame helps me to eliminate many shots from consideration, saving set-up time as well as finding the right camera position. I set up the tripod, put my chin on the camera platform, close one eye and find my (fairly) exact position before I mount the camera. Occasionally I'll adjust tripod position a bit based on the ground glass image, but really, only rarely. Then it's just find a lens that'll work, focus and apply movements.


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    Re: How do you experience your GG?

    Quote Originally Posted by jp View Post
    I don't even realize the image is upside or flipped side to side.
    sometimes adjusting it ..I end up pointing it right when..of ciurse I should point it left.. happens

    however was really funny when a model wanted to look thru the camera from the working end.. and so I got in front and she's like: 'WHOA..Everything is UPSIDE DOWN'

    and I this..(and I stuck out my arm) look thru the camera and of course my arm was pointing the other way (albeit upside down).. and she was can you even figure all that out??

    I said: LUCK

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    Re: How do you experience your GG?

    Does not appear to be a eye viewing image difference for me between viewing on the GG or viewing the scene being projected to the GG. This transition appears to be instant and seamless for me.

    This could be similar to playing a musical instrument where muscle memory is part of what is required to master a musical instrument well enough to be a means of expression. It could be viewing the inverted GG image is a similar mind-brain adaption that comes with time and becomes more instinctive than focusing on sorting the GG image out which is very often the case for those new to GG viewed cameras.

    Dentist work on teeth using a mirror, this could be a similar visual adaptation and skill.

    The image making process begins with looking for how light is interacting with shapes, then how can that illuminated shape-form can be isolated into a frame with it's perspective changed by a given lens as needed. Essentially, the image to be is created-formed in mind before the camera-lens is set up. Once the camera and lens choice has been made, view the GG, adjust as needed before film is exposed.


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    Re: How do you experience your GG?

    Thanks, Doremus. I do some in-camera cropping by using modified darkslides to make 4x10 and 5x14 images on 8x10 and 11x14 film respectively. My decision not to crop is just a self-imposed limitation I apply to help push me to improve my seeing.

    The closing of one eye is something I also do -- helps me to reduce the influence of stereo-vision on composition. Sometimes I am surprised how much the stereo image can influence one's decisions in the field.
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