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Thread: Rucksack advice required

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    Rucksack advice required

    Firstly, I appologise if this has been asked before. I did a search for 'rucksack' but didn't come across the answers I require.

    I have a Sinar F2 (Fairly large but I usually fold the standards down flat) with several lenses, and all the usual extras, kept in a few plastic 'lunchbox' tubs. I currently carry it in an old hiking rucksack which is fine, though entry in the top is prohibitively tight. I need to find something else, with large capacity for all this and perhaps my digital SLR aswell, for metering/record shots etc... Ideally, a rucksack shoulder system for comfortable walking reasonably long distances but most importantly, with some sort of full front opening, for ease of access. It doesn't have to be a proper 'photo' rucksack. It just has to be big enough, comfortable and easily accessible.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your time.


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    Rucksack advice required

    Often trying different words in the search field comes up with a good spread of responses. In this instance, 'backpack' is probably more commonly used than 'rucksack', and in fact produces many responses. Also, if you're on the Recent Topics screen (near the top left of the screen if you're not), at the bottom there's a list of categories including 'Carrying Equipment' (the category you chose for your post). There's a wealth of information there.

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    Rucksack advice required

    Dan, yes,

    rucksack = european/brit terminology

    backpack = US terminology

    there is probably a lot more info on the list under the latter
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    Rucksack advice required

    Hi Dan,

    I just bought a Kelty Redwing 3100 backpack for my large format gear, some of my 35mm gear and day hiking gear. This is their pack for a long torso and the dimensions are 24'' x 17'' x 15'' they also have a 2500 with less volume for a short torso. I used it over the weekend and I could fit all my gear in with room to spare. I didn't attach my tripod to the side but it looks easy enough. It's a panel loader so it's pretty easy to get to your stuff inside the pack. The outer back panel has a very large pocket in it, there are two pockets on the bottom sides of the main compartment that fit 1 liter nalgene bottles and two zippered side pockets. My 35mm gear is packed into a Lowpro Orion beltpack which fits in the bottom of the redwing perfectly, my Bender 4x5 fits into a soft sided computer case from EMS that went on top of the beltpack... I'd definitely recommend that you give one a good look.

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    Dave Karp
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    Rucksack advice required

    I too use a Redwing with my Cambo monorail and like it. The support system is better than the photo backpacks I have tried. I have also heard that some photographers have used the ALICE external frame military pack, which is available from surplus stores.

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    Rucksack advice required

    Try . I have one of their military rucks which I have used to haul LF equipment around. They are custom made and very comfortable.

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    Rucksack advice required

    I have a LowePro Supertrekker. It is huge. I have an Arca F-Line, lots of film. six lenses and plenty of leftover room. It has a nice little pack on the outside for clothes, food, etc and comes with some side compartments. I find it very comfortable. I hike up to 6 miles with it. If I did it again, I think I would go with the ProTrekker. It is a bit smaller and lighter and will still hold everything I need.

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    Rucksack advice required

    I also use the kelty Redwing.

    I went one step further and purchsed the padded divider insert from a Pelican Case (Sold separately at B&H and others). My Ebony 4x5 and pther gear fits nicely, is well protected and the pack works incredibley well.

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    Rucksack advice required

    I use a Kelty Red Cloud 5600 which acommodates a long torso. Lots of pockets for meters, filters, etc. It is a very comfortable backpack. Also, look at the external frame backpacks by Kelty. You can lash a tripod and other accessories right on the frame.

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    Rucksack advice required

    Your best bet is to go to one of those 'camping' stores and test drive several different models. But then avoiding top loading will probably narrow the field considerably. The best packs are wonderfully adjustable these days. The entire harness can be raised and lowered on the good ones. At one of the aforementioned stores they will help fit you and will even load the thing up with sand bags so you can walk around the store to 'test drive' it. Proper fit to your body is the most important followed by ease of loading/unloading.

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