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Thread: Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices

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    Re: Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices

    Why not make a new lensboard?

    A LF lens can be very valuable.

    I use high grade plywood. If possible Aircraft grade as sold by those suppliers.

    Instead of routing a rebate I laminate 2 pieces together. For the hole I now have a large number of hole saws.

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    Re: Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices

    To solve this problem it is good practice to condition the wood. All of the old cameras and bellows I buy get treated with linseed oil with anti-mould additive, it is a lot thinner than normal linseed oil and soaks through the grain. I have quite a few particle board lens boards that I have routed the light trap into, then soaked them in linseed oil and they are as tough as nails and waterproof to boot! Your board now needs to be repaired, but condition the wood to stop it happening again. I do this for my wooden wet plate holders too.

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    Re: Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    Why not make a new lensboard? ..... I use high grade plywood.
    I suppose it all depends on whether you want to retain the original and the look of the camera and whether a ply addition doesn't bother you. I'm about to build a simple reducing back which I can make out of either sheets of ply or strips of hardwood. Oddly enough the cost difference is not as huge as might be thought. Practicality versus aesthetics? Though both would be utilitarian enough, the hardwood might be a more time consuming way to build it.

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    Re: Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices

    I've made lensboards out of model aircraft plywood in the past. Maybe I didn't seal them properly, but they tended to warp.
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