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Thread: Masking off ANR Glass for Better Scanning Setup

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    Masking off ANR Glass for Better Scanning Setup

    So, I am sure this has been done before, but I used low tack tape and sealed edges with the Better Scanning Kami tape. Is on the ANR side. Also acts like a light mask sorta if I don't feel like using the black mask I created. Just thought I would show. Epson V850.
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    Re: Masking off ANR Glass for Better Scanning Setup

    Man that's awesome! I used to watch the retouchers and spotters (when spotting prints was a real job) and they used to pull regular tape, then stick it on their shirt, and then tape something. I think it makes it less sticky. They were pros so I'm sure they knew what shirts to wear so it didn't have lint or threads or something on it.

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