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Thread: Hello from the US midwest

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    Re: Hello from the US midwest

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodhoundbob View Post
    I imagine we are talking about the same location, Alan. I only visited there a few times to drop her off or pick her up. The Defense Department, in its infinite wisdom, moved the command from St Louis to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama in 1997, even though there were more personnel and logistics in St Louis than Huntsville. I'm sure the move south had nothing to do with the political clout of Senator Shelby, who just happens to be from Alabama.
    I always wondered why it left. Thanks for the info, Bob!

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    Re: Hello from the US midwest

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Gales View Post
    I always wondered why it left. Thanks for the info, Bob!
    You're welcome, Alan. The move made absolutely no fiscal sense. BTW to the OP, I had a '57 MGA while in college and later had three TR-6s. My brother had a beautiful black MGA and subsequently had three MGBs. We frequently talk about how much we miss those cars. For his 80th birthday three weeks ago, I gave him a vintage Austin-MG authorized service sign which is now on his garage wall.

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    Re: Hello from the US midwest

    I ‘rebuilt’ my buddies MG GT He never had any money. I had him buy the Warshwasky engine kit. I think it was $100 then replaced every bearing, all seals, gaskets, piston rings, honed the cylinders, hand lapped the valves. No machining, same clutch and water pump.

    It ran much better, no slight knock anymore and he drove until he died 20 years later. I got a couple warm cans of beer and an ataboy.

    Skip was a real character. He had women knocking on his door day and night. I lived next door. Then we removed the wall between and his dog could also guard me.

    RIP Skip.

    I think the GT turned to dust. It was that rusty.

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