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Thread: Your Favorite Portraitists

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    Re: Your Favorite Portraitists

    A couple of my favorites not yet mentioned. Both primarily, if not exclusively 8X10 view camera work. Monica prints Platinum Palladium. Ross does gold toned POP prints.

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    Re: Your Favorite Portraitists

    Y Karsh for sure. Standing in the courtyard of Georgia O'Keefe's house in Abiquiu looking into the enrty was where he took her portrait sent shivers up my spine. I would like to have seen Avedon's "In The American West" show when it opened at the Amon Carter. Those are strong portraits for sure. I also have a real soft spot for Jay Dusard's cowboy portraits.

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    Re: Your Favorite Portraitists

    Dorothea Lange
    Walker Evans
    Yousuf Karsh
    Michael W. Graves
    Michael's Pub

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    Re: Your Favorite Portraitists

    Quote Originally Posted by William Whitaker View Post
    That's a word, right? Portraitist? Someone who specializes in portraiture?
    I've grown quite interested in portraiture, especially after seeing some of the talent here in the ongoing monthly portraits threads.
    perhaps this thread flashback:
    \\ can you grow in a place where art is an expletive and artist is an accusation
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