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Thread: Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

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    Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

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    Re: Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

    Miss Abbott was a great artist and an important figure in photography's history; studies such as these are welcome and long overdue.
    Last year I saw the 'Paris Portraits' book in the shop at the Phillips Collection. A spectacular work of book-making, and the portraits quite fascinating. Sadly, though, my financial circumstances then dictated that I not purchase it (even with my then-employee discount).
    But anyone on this forum who does, or wants to do, LF portraiture needs to see that book. Thanks, Dan, for bringing that review to our attention!

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    Re: Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

    Nice post Dan!

    My first takeaway is this, 'I never tried to take portraits that would use the entire negative, Abbott explained. I was more interested in spontaneity and expression and I didnt want to fool around too much with mechanics that might make a sitter uneasy or bored.

    And the fake shots, I now do that with DSLR. All some want is the pop of a flash.

    I will look deeper.

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    Re: Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

    Just finished reading Van Haaften's biography of Berenice Abbott - a very detailed look at her life. For someone afraid of heights, she was very determined in her New York photos such as Nightview. She was certainly far more than an Atget acolyte.
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