Pere - wind gusts are easy enough to detect by movements of a darkcloth, lens shade, adjacent foliage etc. One can even feel the wind. But anything resembling wobble in a tripod or head that needs to settle down is simply unacceptable. It means your setup is inadequate. I never have this kind of problem. It's all simply about torque vectors. With a monorail like a Sinar the stress or leverage is mainly linear along the rail axis. With flatbed cameras, the stress goes several directions, and the worst thing one can do is concentrate all that leverage on a small point like a quick-release plate or ball head neck. Yes, you can choose those things for strength or mass, but this just adds more weight trying to put a bandaid on a fundamental logistical error. Some 4x5 field cameras with modest bellows extension might not be too bad, but long extensions with heavy lenses or roll film backs, or bigger cameras like 8x10 are just asking for a problem.