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Thread: Need some help with my Nikkor steel 4x5 tank

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    Re: Need some help with my Nikkor steel 4x5 tank

    I use painter's masking tape (One wrap all the way around) to secure the top & prevents leaks too. It's best to leave a small tail of tape folded over, at the end. Makes it easy to remove the tape with wet hands.
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    Re: Need some help with my Nikkor steel 4x5 tank

    The name of the Chinese tank manufacturer bw-king. He is a member of this forum and he is the only seller of his tank. You can contact him if interested. In my opinion the Chinese tank better made and much simpler un use than Nikkor. I have both tanks so I know. Rubber bend will work, no problem. Another impotant thing, when loading the Nikkor tank, face film emulsion cide inside the curve in order to kip emulsion away from the metal parts. Other wise film emulsion can be easily skrached when loading.

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