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Thread: Any LF groups in Texas?

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    Any LF groups in Texas?

    Looking for a group in Texas. Austin/central Texas would be preferred.

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    Re: Any LF groups in Texas?

    There used to be a group for Large Format here in Austin run by Charles Henry, but it wasn't very active despite having several successful get-togethers. I know there are a fair number of folks here who regularly use large format, would be fun to make some new friends sometime.

    I'm planning on attending the Austin Film Photographer's meetup for a camera show'n'tell next month. Might see who else shows up to discuss a LF specific group.


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    Re: Any LF groups in Texas?

    Sorry but I am not in Texas but I am moving towards the end of this year to Norman, OK after retiring from the US Navy. Perhaps once I settle down there I can do a swing to Austin. My sister and brother-in-law live outside Georgetown and my wife and I go there fairly often to se them.


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    Re: Any LF groups in Texas?

    I haven't heard about the Austin Film Photographers. Thanks for telling me about it. I'm going to try and make it there. Dave, would love to see you down here but OK is on the way to a place I've been wanting to photograph--The Flint Hills in KS.

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    Re: Any LF groups in Texas?

    Hi Michael

    Over on the old apug, this is shown as "a group"



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    Re: Any LF groups in Texas?

    There should be. Isn't everything, including film, big in Texas?

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