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Thread: Source for custom-made ground glass?

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    Re: Source for custom-made ground glass?

    I have to say, I enjoy my DIY projects and always seem to have at least one going on (just finished a bard door tracker yesterday!). Some of my projects are kind of difficult and require a good bit a patience, knowledge, specialized tools, dexterity, creativity, etc. However, this one is different. As long as you have the glass cut down to size by the person you buy the glass from (most hardware stores will do this for free), it really is a simple, anyone can do it, type of project.

    I did screw it up once though. I used 1500 grit the first time I tried, and that was too fine of a grit and didn't make the glass opaque enough. As such, I could see the back of the lens better than I could the projected image through the ground glass. But it was an easy fix. I just reground the same piece of glass with 600 grit and had a perfect ground glass in about 20 additional minutes. That's what makes it so easy to do. Unless you drop it or accidently grind both sides of the glass, all you have to do to fix any problems or imperfections is keep grinding.

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    Re: Source for custom-made ground glass?

    In my humble experience, a ground glass (GG) can be ground to be too smooth. An example might be Satin Snow which is so finely surfaced that focusing is difficult because it is too difficult to see the differences due to the depth of the glass. I dearly welcome correction to my opinion. Thank you.

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    Re: Source for custom-made ground glass?

    And too coarse. It may in the eye of the beholder.

    I have a very course OE 4x5 Linhof GG that is the other way. I like it for its own beauty.

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    Re: Source for custom-made ground glass?

    Thanks for the replies. Steve sent an email, very helpful. As much as I’d like to give making my own GG a go, I don’t have the time. I’ll get one of Steve’s, but which one... standard or borosilicate, do people think the latter is worth the premium? I accept there is an element of subjectivity, but on the other hand anything would be better than my current plastic one...

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