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Thread: Shop in Arizona

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    Shop in Arizona

    Hi there,

    Do you know a good photo shop in Arizona (film stored in good conditions, large number of items on stock,...).

    Near Phoenix woul be better.


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    Shop in Arizona

    I can think of two:

    The View Camera Store:

    and Photomark:

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    Shop in Arizona

    Another vote for photomark.

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    Shop in Arizona

    Tempe Camera can also help you.

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    Shop in Arizona

    Photo Forum has a good selection and better prices than most.
    I have found Photomark's selection good...but with high prices.

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    Shop in Arizona

    PhotoMark will give you a discount if you are a student or educator. All they do is ask, no ID or anything needed. If you are a pro, the Industrial sales in back will give you a better discount. Rod is the view camera guru. He will cut you a deal on used equipment, but not for film, etc.

    Tempe camera is good, they have almost as much stock as PhotoMark, similar prices. I always talk to David Hunsaker, who is an extremely friendly and helpful guy.

    Fred Newman at the view camera store has a great web site, and you can check stock before you go. Call if you want to come by, it is not really a proper "store". He stocks hard to find items, like ULF film, etc.

    FotoForum has the lowest prices, but not much stock. Basic films, a little Ilford paper, mainly caters to students and hobbyists.

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    Shop in Arizona

    If you're price shopping, check both Tempe Camera and PhotoMark for the best deals they have at the moment. If you want knowledge and advice, along with the professional and student discounts mentioned earlier, check with Rod Klukas at PhotoMark. You can't do better. They are at 2201 E. McDowell, 602-244-1133. Rod is an ex-Marine with an MFA from ASU and was an assistant to Oliver Gagliani for five years. He teaches LF at Scottsdale Community College - where some folks have been taking his class for more than 10 years. PhotoMark (and ColorMark) have been buying out local photography stores/shops/services which go out of business and they now have a tremendously wide capability and experience, from cameras to film to printing. Too bad I can't get a free Mamiya or another LF lens or something from them for the plug. :-)
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    Shop in Arizona

    I just bought a bunch of 35 mm and 120 film for a shoot we're doing in Bisbee. I compared prices between Tempe, Photomark, and FotoForum.
    The most expensive shop was Photomark.
    Tempe came in the middle.
    Photo Forum was the cheapest, in fact they were 41% less than PhotoMark.
    Their prices on paper are also very good.

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    Shop in Arizona

    And that was with my "professional" (5%) discount from Photomark!

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