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Thread: Supposed Jesse James tintype

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    Re: Supposed Jesse James tintype

    In the 21st century, where everything has been photographed (and can be found on the internet), it's easy to think that such has always been the case.
    It certainly wasn't that way in the 19th century, or in much of the 20th century either, and wishing (or the promise of a fortune) won't make it so. Oh well!

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    Re: Supposed Jesse James tintype

    Another day, another Jesse James photo. How ever did he find time to rob all those banks?


    "After a few cold calls they connected with Kent Gibson, a forensic authenticator in L.A., who is renowned for his facial identification work.

    "As a favour I gave them my input," Gibson said. Gibson explained to CBC News that he has developed a scientific test to score the authenticity of a photo, which he calls the Gibson Likeness Score, or GSL."

    Hmm, the "Gibson Likeness Score," developed by a "forensic authenticator," who is, perhaps not surprisingly, developing a television show. Dan

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    Re: Supposed Jesse James tintype

    Doesn't look at all like Jesse James.

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